School of Sellers

Erin Waters

Erin Waters from School of Sellers helps teacher authors like you run an online business in a way that feels doable. Discover how you can make your business work harder so that you spend less time in To-Do Town and more time doing what you love. Many teachers launch online businesses to live a freer, happier life. These same teachers soon find themselves swamped by tasks and surrounded by pressure to do all the things. As a result, their life becomes harder. So what the heck? Self-proclaimed Type B Teacher-turned entrepreneur, Erin knows this Catch-22 scenario all too well. In her 7 years of selling teaching resources online, it has become her mission to simplify her business—and now yours too! On School for Sellers, she will offer insight and tips for productivity, content creation, social media, marketing, and beyond. Hit subscribe now and show your business, once and for all, who’s really the boss.
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