#41: The Worst Year of Your Life Then Somebody Introduces You to Oprah - Claire Summers from Gratitude Glass Jars

Surf Coast Creatives

Apr 6 2021 • 1 hr 9 mins

Join your host Ben Hucker with Torquay guest, Claire Summers. Ben speaks to Claire about a cascade of traumatic life events that hit her in 2017. Oprah entered Claire’s life not long after.

Claire is the founder of Gratitude Glass Jars which became a viral sensation in 2017 after the ‘Big O’ came across her product.

But an unhealthy relationship, the loss of a dearly wanted baby, nursing her father through terminal cancer, a near-death experience with IVF treatment, and being sexually harassed by her new boss meant Claire almost didn’t make it for her first meeting with Oprah.

Tune in to hear the rest of that story and learn how Claire set about retraining her mind to tackle life’s lemons with gratitude.

In this episode we cover:

  • The Gratitude Glass Jar – one card a day for 365 days a year.
  • How Claire never planned for Gratitude Glass Jars to become a business.
  • How Oprah came across Claire and her Glass Jars.
  • Claire’s former life as a corporate highflyer and technology executive.
  • Claire’s near-death experience with IVF treatment, losing her Dad, dealing with an abusive relationship and sexual harassment in the workplace.

About Claire Summers:

Claire created Gratitude Glass Jars to help her heal from distressing life events by capturing daily notes of gratitude. These notes enabled her to rebuild herself and her heart. She made them while in her Mum’s care after a lengthy hospital stay. A month later, she had a job opportunity in the US. Despite her fear, Claire took the job, believing it to be her way forward.

But only weeks into her new role in a new country, she found herself being sexually harassed by her boss. After all this, Claire was still aware of the power of gratitude. This concept had helped her in the past and could potentially help others. Seeking some light-hearted relief, Claire took her Gratitude Glass Jar to the New York Now Trade Show. It was where her life changed forever.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gratitudeglassjars/

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