#38: Dealing With Dark Dawn Days & Taking the Podcast to Scotland - Mike Guest from Dawn Days

Surf Coast Creatives

Mar 16 2021 • 1 hr 5 mins

Our guest on this episode of the podcast is freelance photographer and cinematographer, Mike Guest. He’s our first international guest and joins us all the way from Edinburgh in Scotland!

Mike includes Patagonia among his list of clientele and is also the co-founder of the Dawn Days movement which went viral in 2020 after coronavirus hit.

Lookup #dawndays to see more of Mike and other peoples work from all over the United Kingdom and beyond.

We cover a lot today including the important topic of men’s mental health and what it takes to make it as a photographer or videographer and all-round creative in the modern world.

And just to give some context, it was 5 am in Scotland and Friday 4 pm on the Surf Coast in Australia!

Mike is quite a character so we hope you enjoy today’s episode of the podcast. Sadly no Jess on this episode of the podcast. We wanted this to be a man-to-man chat and Jess also had a prior commitment before we scheduled the episode.

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This is Episode number 38 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast.

P.S. Check out Mike's brand new short-film (released 15 March 2021) called the Ripple Effect - A film By Mike Guest and John Duncan. Grab a cuppa and watch this one when you have a quiet moment to yourself. It will bring a tear to your eye guaranteed.

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