#39: An Illustrator's Journey From the Northern Beaches of Spain to the Surf Coast - Fabiana Aguilar from fabiaguilar.com

Surf Coast Creatives

Mar 24 2021 • 55 mins

Our guest for this episode of the podcast is a hugely talented illustrator by the name of Fabiana Aguilar.

Fabi is currently in the process of making the move from Melbourne to the Surf Coast.

Born on the Northern beaches of Spain and raised between Senegal, Canada and Spain, Fabi got used to moving from country to country from a young age.

As an adult, she has spent long periods of time in France, Ireland, Italy, the Caribbean and for the last 3 years, Australia.

Fabi comes from a family of creatives: a portrait painter and pianist grandma, photographer and screenwriter mum and Doctor Dad who loves to surf.

Fabi's Dad got a little concerned (in a good way) when Fabi decided to go all-in as an illustrator and designer though.

Find out how Fabi dealt with this pressure from Dad (and others).

There’s so much packed into this episode of the podcast so we hope you enjoy it! We cover:

  • Travelling solo and finding your passion
  • Why Fabi became an illustrator
  • How to build a brand in a foreign country
  • Learning Aussie English
  • Steaking your claim as a young female artist
  • The apps and tools that Fabi uses to stay on track

There's no denying that art and illustration is part of Fabi's DNA. Check out her gallery on Instagram when you get a chance and say a big hola!

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This is episode #39 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast with your hosts Ben Hucker and Jess Mellington.

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