#32: How to Overcome Your Fears Without Holding Your Breath - Ant Williams from Modus Leadership

Surf Coast Creatives

Jan 21 2021 • 1 hr

Welcome to the Surf Coast Creatives podcast Anthony or 'Ant' Williams.

Before moving to Torquay, Ant was a Sports psychologist for a motoGP team based in the South of France.

He worked with boxers, mountaineers, kickboxing fighters, athletes competing in five-day adventure races without sleep, rally car drivers and big wave tow-in surfers.

He wanted to experience a dangerous sport for himself though. He searched high and low to find his niche and eventually discovered free-diving at 30 years of age.

The rest is history. Here are 3 of his major achievements:

  • Longest breath-hold swim in competition: 223m
  • Deepest dive in competition: 100m
  • Longest breath-hold time: 8 minutes.

And on 27 March 2019 Anthony plunged into a frozen fjord in Kirkenes, Norway, achieving an amazing depth of 70.3 m (230.643 ft)—a new World Record!

The dive lasted 2 minutes 29 seconds and saw Ant push through the pitch-black abyss on a single breath. Incredible.

Tune in and let us know what you think and take a look at Ant's brand new podcast if you want to hear more.

Links below:

Ant's Bio -->> http://www.antwilliams.com/
Ant's podcast -->> Performance Focused Leadership
Ant's Business -->> https://modusleadership.com.au/about/

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