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Erica Rooney

Erica Rooney was a busy Executive & mom who was STUCK - she didn't feel seen - she didn't feel heard - and she didn't know how she could possibly "have it all." Going all in on her life, Erica spent months doing the work to pull away from the limiting beliefs that were holding her back.Today, Erica brings you relatable stories of successful women who open up about their secrets, hardships, and 'sticky floor' moments that help you feel seen and feel heard. These women share actionable tips and step-by-step strategies that help you examine your limiting beliefs to clean up your sticky floor to break through the glass ceiling - empowering you to get SEEN - get HEARD- and GET PROMOTED. read less

Episode 65- Stuck in the Middle - A Stepping Stone
Jan 25 2023
Episode 65- Stuck in the Middle - A Stepping Stone
I've been feeling stuck in the middle.Many of you know I have launched my own business, I'm on the 8th or 9th month of my podcast, I have interviewed tons of amazing women, and spent countless hours creating different material to push out because I have this deep desire to make a difference in the lives of women and in the future generations.Somedays there are visible things to celebrate! I'll get a positive review on apple music or Spotify from someone I don't know raving about my podcast - or someone will send me a DM that a post really resonated with them, and encouraged them to put themselves out there and stop doubting themselves. THOSE days are easy days. I have something tangible to hold on to, that what I am doing is WORKING - and that it matters.But then there are the other days... which are more frequent than those celebration days. The days when there seems to be no headway, and I feel like a hamster on one of those hamster wheels just running as fast as my little legs can carry me, but getting absolutely nowhere. I'll spend precious time on a post that I am SUPER proud of, and I think "YES! This one is going to resonate with the people!" and then WOMP WOMP WOMP.Crickets.I'll spend hours of my time investing in learning how to improve my podcast and add value to the content and how it is presented, and I don't see the numbers jump up as I had expected.It makes me often wonder... why am I even doing this?Listen in to hear what YOU can to do get UNSTUCK from this feeling of "being stuck in the middle!"FREE WEEKLY SUCCESS PLANNERJoin our Facebook Group! Find me on InstagramCheck out our PINS on PinterestAnd YES - I'm on TikTok!