Lindsay Tjepkema: How Video and Podcasting Have Evolved Into Sophisticated B2B Marketing Strategies

Martech Zone Interviews

Jun 4 2021 • 23 mins

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to co-founder and CEO of Casted, Lindsay Tjepkema. Lindsay has two decades in marketing, is a veteran podcaster, and had a vision to build a platform to amplify and measure her B2B marketing efforts... so she founded Casted! In this episode, Lindsay helps listeners understand: * Why video and audio are critical to B2B marketing strategies * How technology is providing businesses with the means to edit, publish, and amplify that content * An overview of Casted and how their ability to amplify and measure the impact of rich media B2B content marketing With Casted, marketers can unlock the power of podcasts by giving enterprise organizations access to use your most valuable content across every channel. Special Guest: Lindsay Tjepkema.