Front Seat - The Road Back to You

Monica Vandermeer

Take control of your life by understanding that your narrative maybe holding you back. Don't sit in the backseat, jump into the front and take control. Do you feel like you have a purpose? Are you happy in your life right now? Maybe its time to pause and think about where you are going. This podcast is about those "AHA" moments where we realize it is time to make a change.

Sex With Ghosts, Peeing Standing Up.  An Intro to It's Really None of Our Business Podcast
Dec 21 2020
Sex With Ghosts, Peeing Standing Up. An Intro to It's Really None of Our Business Podcast
This in an introduction to the very first episode of a new podcast calledIt's Really None Of Our Business.Please follow, rate and reviewLove you all!In today's episode Monica is having some weird dreams about her late husband and is wondering if John is haunting her?Can you have sex with a ghost? If so can you orgasm that way? Amanda seems to think so, so it must be true. Topics for today's podcast include: Sex dreams, how often do you have them? Why do men fall asleep right after sex when as women we lay awake?  Does Amanda want to milk Karsten's prostate? Will she?  What would it be like to have a penis, is peeing standing up all it's cracked up to be?Seriously.... WTFI'm by no means perfect but does it make me a bad person to totally dislike my step kids? Every day I get a message from my 16-year-old stepdaughter telling me to kill myself and I need to be dead. My 19-year-old stepdaughter talks trash about me to everyone I know and even abused my younger son. I've had my clothes ripped up or stolen. My glasses were broken on purpose. My oldest stepsons 25 and 26 talk trash about me and the 26-year-old actually pinned me to the wall by my throat saying the devil made him do it. I'm at a loss my husband says to just delete the messages then when I mention them he says let me guess you can't prove it lol.. "well I didn't delete them and saved every one of them". Now yesterday I was at work (I work for the city outside) and the 19-year-old and 25 years old drove past me and threw a rock at me hitting me in the back while screaming obscenities. I feel bad for hating them so much but not sure how much further this should be allowed to go. No one but my family is on my side. What should I do?? https://www.noneofourbusinesspod.comYouTube @None of Our Business PodcastInstagram @itsreallynoneofourbusinesspodFacebook @None.Of.Our.Business.Pod
Stop The People Pleasing!, It's Killing You, with Karen DiMarco
Nov 23 2020
Stop The People Pleasing!, It's Killing You, with Karen DiMarco
A nurse for 22 years with specialties in Intensive Care, Trauma, and Flight Nursing, Karen DiMarco  had an experience in 2011 that she describes as “a coming home.”  Within weeks of that profound moment  – on the floor of a closet in a puddle of snot and tears –  her mental and physical illnesses, and a 26-year history of eating disorders, melted away.Since then, she has been a catalyst for transforming the way we deliver and conceive of health care and wellbeing. Put simply, the mind and body are not disconnected, and when misunderstandings of the mind are healed, there is a profound healing effect on the body.Karen is a total geek about science, and the connection between the mind and the body.  Her insatiable appetite for all things spiritual and biological, and her ability to communicate her understanding in a scientific, sometimes hilarious, and always easy-to-understand way, is what makes her both a total weirdo and incredibly impactful as a healthcare visionary and transformational coach.Work with Karen:1:1 Transformational Coaching Packages – I used to wish I just had someone like me to talk to… except without all of my drama and baggage, so I could finally get some clarity, freedom, and peace-of-mind. This is that. We’ve got this. Click here to ask about my coaching.The Naked Community – The purpose of Naked is to give people (like me, scratching my own itch here) who are a bit of a…uhh…“spiritual renegade” a consistent place and community, to learn, laugh, and grow. A safe space for discovery, coaching, and support to help you care LESS about the opinion of other people so that you can LIVE OUT LOUD, and close the gap between who you truly are, and who the world told you that you ought to be. Click here to learn more.Weightless – An Online, 8 -Week Group Program Exploring Your Body, Weight and Mind. Begins Thursday October 1, 2020. Click here to find out more.Events – View all the cool stuff I have coming up by clicking here.