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Wander By Proxy brings stories from women about the priceless experiences collected while traveling. For those privileged enough to have a travel story—a moment where, while you left the safety of home, you suddenly felt more connected to yourself, the people around you, or the world—it has probably become part of your internal framework. Wander By Proxy host Leah Falyn interviews travelers about these life-changing turning points. Episodes are released every other Wednesday morning. read less
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Bonus Episode: 2020 Wander Quotes
Jan 29 2021
Bonus Episode: 2020 Wander Quotes
Since Wander By Proxy is officially one-year old, this bonus episode compiles some of the best quotes from each episode that ran in 2020. Having a bad day? This clip is stacked with inspiration and perspective.  Wander By Proxy will be releasing new episodes every other Wednesday throughout 2021, so be sure to subscribe and follow on social media and wherever you listen to podcasts.  Quotes attributed in order: Lauren Gabel 1. Trekking in Vietnam @theoutofofficegalAutumn Spredemann 2. Love in Bolivia @travellingamazonMaddi Brown 3. Dude Ranching in Montana @maddicbrownCienna Richards 4. Group Travel in Germany @cienna_travelsTaylor Mills 5. Film Festival in the Netherlands @tmillsjAmy Conroy 6. Day of the Dead in Mexico @amysmundoJennifer Parnall 7. Quarantine in Spain @jlynnparnallStephanie James 8. Digital Nomad in Ecuador @justavessel22Jenna Z 9. Chronic Wellness in a Bus @highspiritsjourneySara Lynch 10. Sparks in Chile @planetwithsaraMelissa Miller 11. Running Down Mountains @miss.roverElizabeth Hensley 12. Generosity on the HWY @thelizapproachEstrella Quiroz 13. Strangers on a Plane @estrellaq95Emily Theisen + Jordan Mileski 14. The Adventurous Spirit @emilytheisen_  @jordan.mileskiManupalooza + Sofia 15. Host A Sister @manupalooza  @lamagaa For more insight from guests, travel inspiration and recommendations, and episode teasers, follow Wander By Proxy on: Instagram @wanderbyproxypodcastFacebook @wanderbyproxypodcast Do you have a travel story that changed your perception? Visit the website and fill out the story pitch form!  For more information on Wander By Proxy, read a transcription of this interview, or contact Leah Falyn, visit the website at wanderbyproxy.com. Don’t forget to rate and review Wander By Proxy! Thank you for listening!