Ask Iliza Anything

Ask Iliza Anything

Everyone deserves that best friend who delivers blunt advice with impunity. Comedian, writer, and actor Iliza Shlesinger is that friend. She has built a cult-like following of listeners seeking her hilarious take on their problems. Every week, people submit their burning questions to the show, with topics ranging from bad coworkers, psychotic bridesmaids, and a mother-in-law who won't move out to faking an accent and diarrhea etiquette. Iliza's answers range from wise and heart-felt to rage-fueled and off-the-wall. She enjoys nothing more than giving incisive life advice to total strangers, sometimes with a celebrity guest in tow. It's always entertaining, so go ahead: Ask Iliza Anything. read less

Our Editor's Take

Dive into this bold, unabashed, and brazen podcast with host Iliza Shlesinger. Whether it's dating advice, friend drama, or food preferences, Iliza's got listeners covered. It is Ask Iliza Anything, after all.

Shlesinger tackles listeners' daily issues and wild topics in hilarious and informative episodes. Fans love her candid, honest, and open approach to any subject, no matter how obscure. This host won't back down from answering any question and even poses some herself. Episodes are about an hour and listeners can enjoy them in any order.

Dying to hear her take on leaving a job with grace or re-used engagement rings? Jump right in or follow her wild mind's journey as it jumps from topic to topic.

Iliza brings her unique style and humor to each podcast episode. Her established comedy background and TV hosting experience entertains all types of listeners. Lovers of witty, snappy comedy will fall head over heels for Ask Iliza Anything.

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