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Inspired by her immensely popular newsletter, author Anne Helen Petersen turns her attention to the wild world of work in Work Appropriate. Featuring guest appearances by the smartest people Anne knows, the show delivers humorous but practical workplace advice for a range of listener questions. The problems may be limitless but so are the solutions! read less

Our Editor's Take

The concept of what is and is not appropriate at work is a popular topic. Work Appropriate is a podcast with a comedic view of workplace problems from everyday people. The host and her guests attempt to answer questions and offer good advice to the best of their ability.

The host of Work Appropriate is Anne Helen Petersen. She began her professional writing career in 2014 at BuzzFeed News after leaving academia. She would go on to write many popular articles for the website. She has also written several books. Out of Office: The Big Problem and Bigger Promise of Working from Home talks about remote work.

Work Appropriate sees Petersen and her many guests address various work-related concerns. These include ways to search for a new job and what to do when a boss is on one's last nerve. While the advice is often comical in tone, Petersen and her friends also intend to be helpful.

Petersen has had many interesting guests on the podcast. Comedian Josh Gondelman and writer Jessica Grose are two of them. Even local politicians, such as Lisa Sánchez of Boise, Idaho, have been part of the show. In the end, Work Appropriate is trying to make people laugh about work. But, it is also trying to help listeners navigate their jobs. It succeeds at being both insightful and a fun, fresh listen.

Work Appropriate is a production of Crooked Media. The company began in 2017 as a platform for progressive podcasts. Its creators are Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor. All three are former speechwriters and staffers for President Obama.

New episodes of Work Appropriate air each week. The most recent episode of the podcast premieres on Wednesday of each week.

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