The Logistics of Cell & Gene Therapy – From Benchmarking to Standardization (Part 1)

Logistics Live: Conversations & Insights on the Global Supply Chain

May 13 2024 • 24 mins

Medical care and scientific research offer some of the most challenging – and developing – areas for global supply chain logistics. And few are more significant– in terms of potential for improving human life and logistics precision required – than Cell & Gene Therapy or CGT.

These CGT “medical miracles” bring logistics opportunities and challenges, around timing, temperature, chain of identity, synchronization, integration, scale, back up planning, and more.

So, what is required – logistically – to help ensure CGT clinical trials and personalized therapies get handled safely, securely, and on time?

QuickSTAT's Global Head of Strategy for CGT and DTP, Mike Sweeney and Senior VP of Commercial Operations Scott Ohanesian explain.

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