Gruesome: Horrific True Crime


After years of trying to hide their deranged sense of curiosity, hosts Coni and Meg have decided to give up on normalcy in order to give you the horrific details of gruesome true crime stories that you probably didn't need to know. On Wednesdays, we're Gruesome. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast lives up to its title. Here are scary details, spooky stories, and gruesome true crime tales. That's this podcast's main goal. This program's mission is to entertain those who enjoy true crime stories. The hosts want to tell the whole story of true crime-gruesome details included.

Coni and Meg cohost the Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast. They don't avoid sharing the difficult, gruesome facts of cases. In fact, they take pride in offering the most vital details to listeners. As they often say in their podcast, they're hoping to share tales that make listeners feel fear. They want audiences to be so absorbed in the stories they pull over and check the back seat of their car (again).

Hosts Coni and Meg offer a best-friend sort of dynamic that's not boring. It enlivens the Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast. It doesn't matter if the episode is about small-town murders or the February 9th killer. The hosts share all the details.

The hosts tease that they're "middle-aged" women running another true crime podcast. They recognize that it's a known cliche. But they do make sure to differentiate their podcast. This show features more than the hosts walking listeners through stories. It also guest stars the victims, who give their accounts of what happened. The shared true crime stories include tales of cannibalism, rape, murder, and abduction. Segments will discuss infamous cold cases and some that are new to listeners.

They'll discuss the murder of Leigh Leigh, a 14-year-old girl on her way to her first teenage party. Listeners will hear about the shocking sentence of Katherine Knight, the first woman in Australia to receive a death sentence. The podcast will explore the infamous Chicago Ripper Crew. It will address the puzzling murder of Jeanette DePalma. Serial killers and cold cases are all part of the podcast's plan. And details are crucial here.

Audiences can expect new episodes of Gruesome: Horrific True Crime every Wednesday. The podcast began in 2020 and continues to release new episodes.

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