Solo Episode: TRIGGER - Revealing a secret I've been Keeping

Fearless Fridays with Maryann

Nov 3 2023 • 21 mins

Hello and Welcome to season four of the Fearless Fridays with Maryann podcast!  Last week, I recorded a podcast episode with a guest on a personal topic. That guest’s episode will air in December.   As I listened to her story, something was happening to me. You see, while I’ve openly talked about dropping out of high school, being in juvi, being a victor from domestic violence, etc etc etc, there is a part of me I’ve never shared. And to ME, keeping that secret has held me back from truly living a fearless, free, and fabulous life.   My guest prayed for me, and as she did, it was my first sign that I must share my story…and I am sharing it because it is what I am being led to.   I'd love to hear your feedback and keep the conversation going. I look forward to connecting with you, and I can be found... Website: IG: FB: Youtube: Linkedin: Libsyn website:

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