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Prevailing Wage 101: Defending Workers’ Rights on Public Construction Projects
Mar 26 2021
Prevailing Wage 101: Defending Workers’ Rights on Public Construction Projects
On the March 2021 episode of The Voice of Oregon’s Workers, we’re pulling together research, legislation, and Oregon’s building and construction trade unions to talk about Oregon’s Prevailing Wage Rate law.  Prevailing Wage ensures building and construction trades workers employed on public projects are paid fairly, and have access to benefits.Oregon and many other states have a serious need for public works projects:  Our aging school and government buildings are in need of retrofitting and updates to ensure we can keep folks safe from diseases like COVID-19. Our roads, bridges, water systems, electrical grids and other infrastructure are in need of repair and modernization. As we tackle these challenges, it’s critical that we make sure the people doing the work have fair compensation packages.GuestsRobert Camarillo, Executive Secretary for the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council Frank Manzo IV, Policy Director of the Illinois Economic Policy InstituteLinks to topics discussed in this episode2021 Oregon Labor Lobby Day, April 8 on Zoom Oregon State Building & Construction Trades Council Illinois Economic Policy InstituteOregon Senate Bill 493The Impact of Oregon’s Prevailing Wage Rate Law: Effects on Costs, Training, and Economic DevelopmentLabor Education and Research Center, University of Oregon Oregon Prevailing Wage Law information page American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of Civil Engineers 2021 Oregon Report Card CreditsHosted & Produced by Russell Sanders, Communications Director, Oregon AFL-CIO Introduction by Graham Trainor, President, Oregon AFL-CIO PAID FOR & AUTHORIZED BY THE OREGON AFL-CIO