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Ep72 - Choices (Matthew 7:13-14)
Ep72 - Choices (Matthew 7:13-14)Ep71 - Judge Righteously (Mt 7:1-6)Ep70 - Are You Not Much Better Than They, part 2Ep69 - Are you not much better than they?Ep68 - What Master Do You Serve (Mt 6:28)Ep67 - Treasures VS Treasures (Mt 6:19-23)Ep66 - Give glory to God (Mt 6:16-18)Ep65 - Jesus on Prayer, part 3 (Mt 6:12-15)Announcement from BibleWay MediaEp64 - Jesus on Prayer, part 2 (Matthew 6:10-11)Ep63 - Jesus on Prayer (Mt 6:9)Ep62 - Pray with the Right Motive (Mt 6:5-8)Ep61 - Alms Giving (Mt 6:1-4)Ep60 - Love All, Matthew 5:43-48Ep59 - Revenge (Mt 5:38-42)Ep58 - Keep Your PromisesEp57 - One Cause and THATS IT!Ep56 - Be Careful Little Eyes (Mt 5:27-30)Ep55 - Anger & MurderEp54 - Redemption Week Special