Monday Motivation: Tell YOUR Truth

The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide

Mar 2 2020 • 7 mins

Here is your Monday Motivation, because it's Monday, somewhere. Welcome to a new segment, not to be confused with the new season of the Dating After Divorce Survival Guide. This week let's take a look at telling the truth. Telling the truth, no matter what the situation, can often be a scary thing when your truth is not in agreement with what someone else wants. But why? Why do we keep our truths from others — others who need to hear it — especially when they stand to lose in the long run from a lie, a half-truth or an omission. This week I share a recent experience of my own when I opted to tell the truth and what I learned. If you like what you're hearing please recommend this podcast to one person who you think will benefit from this message. Did I mention subscribing? Make sure you do so you don't miss the start of Season 2 of the Dating After Divorce Survival Guide. Support this podcast