CLIP EP.5: Texting With Target Lady

The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide

Feb 4 2020 • 1 min

In Episode 5 - Eric Pancakehouse and Attack of Target Lady, Eric is given advice on how to bounce back from his divorce that simply doesn't sit right with soul. He rejects the advice, opting instead for a more righteous path. That is, until the right person comes along from the most unlikeliest of places. Visit the merch store at https://my.captivate.fm/epayne.me/podmerch (epayne.me/podmerch) For exclusive members-only content join https://patreon.com/datingafterdivorce (The Dating Game) at https://patreon.com/datingafterdivorce (Patreon.com/datingafterdivorce) About the Podcast Datin' ain't easy — especially the second time around. Join retired blogger and divorced dad, Eric Payne for his humorous storytelling escapades that take you along for the ride over the hills and through the valleys as he navigates dating life as a divorced man. Eric doesn't shy away from any of it – the good, the bad, the ugly and the messy, and he isn't afraid to call himself out when he's the one being messy. To see what Eric does besides recording podcasts, follow him on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ericlpayne (@ericlpayne) Support this podcast