Don Geno The PugMafiaBoss’s PugCast


You have all waited for it and it is finally here! Don Geno, retired from the #PugMafia, brings you his innermost thoughts in #pugspeak on everything hooman (human). You have seen him and his #PugMafia on IG @ #thepugprincessxo and on the hooman sorcery box (television) on #ABC #rightthisminute but now you will be able to delve into the mind of the greatest #PugMafia boss to dominate social media since its inception. Topics discussed include pug property laws and segments on ”How to train your hoomans” as well as segments on ”how to guilt trip your hoomans”. Don Geno’s ensemble of guests include his own hooman ”Dati”, Mister Vin Diesel, Axl Rose & his sister Isa Bailey. Together, they will discuss other topics such as the proper #pugslump posture and tips on how to intimidate your hooman slaves with a good pug #stinkeye. *Disclaimer- Don Geno assures his audience that no hoomans were injured or killed during the production of this podcast and will be treated long as they continue to know their place, provide treats and belly rubs on command* read less