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Numbers by Barron's


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Our Editor's Take

The Numbers by Barron's podcast focuses on the stock market's important movements. Katie Ferguson of Barron's hosts the daily show. Jackson Cantrell and other financial experts have hosted earlier episodes. Each day, the show condenses financial news into three numbers every listener needs. The numbers represent years, dollars, percentages, or points, depending on the day. There's a fourth number that listeners will appreciate, too—six. Each episode lasts six minutes or less.

This podcast is part of Barron's content and Dow Jones & Company produces the series. Numbers by Barron listeners get intel from major market index listings. Hosts choose numbers from news about the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In one podcast episode, listeners get these three numbers: 9.5 percent, $3.8 billion, and $1.4 trillion. One number is the projection for that year's federal deficit. Another number is the price of something JetBlue bought. The remaining number reflects how much Snapchat's stock rose that day. Listeners learn which rival app prompted Snapchat's growth.

Numbers by Barron's also picks numbers that reveal what's popular. Listeners learn which gym had an 11 percent increase in memberships after raising their prices. They'll also learn whether recreational activities or recreational vehicles are trending higher. Winnebago and Airstream stocks look different than Dick's Sporting Goods in this episode.

In another episode, the podcast shares complicated statistics about female employment. The host reveals these numbers: 77 percent, 21 percent, and 24 percent. Listeners hear which numbers represent women cutting back on work or quitting. The other percentage is women who are working or seeking work. The show explains how childcare costs influence those statistics.

Numbers by Barron's isn't only for economists. It provides helpful info about the market. Topics on the show predict interesting trends-like crypto and electric vehicles. Hosts share about Apple minimizing iPhone prices or companies planning to slash dividends. This podcast explains financial news in a way everyone can understand, whether they love numbers or not.

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