Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Stories with 5D Self-Empowered Enlightened Table Talk

Inspiring Human Potential

Feb 4 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Topic not ideal for ego-sensitive or emotionally sensitive (on any/all life - including socio-pol-eco - topics) people. Please do not tune in. Thank you! Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Stories with 5D Self-Empowered Enlightened (SEE) Channeled Guidance for Oversoul, Soulmates, Twin Flames, 5D Relationships. The 5D Relationship Story and/or Ascension Theme at hand. Sharing Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Stories with 5D Self-Empowered Enlightened (SEE) Channeled Guidance for those who are on or are interested in embarking on the journey of enlightenment and ascension, those who are of the enlightenment soul age group (seekers not believers, life sensitive not ego sensitive people) and 5D ascension group, who are on a constant personal development journey, living out the expansion of consciousness, the infinite higher human consciousness potential that exists and is always available to us all through an inner growth mindset as people who embody and are expanding consciousness, life, love, infinite growth and potential, expansion of our humanness, people who can love unconditionally with our flaws and imperfections alongside those of others, people who embody the Krishna Leela, Shiva and Kali spirit/consciousness expression and life experience from within thanks to engaging our ventral vagal nervous system, practicing a mindfulness brain and physiological state of compassion, becoming our functional adult autonomous selves, tapping into our infinite higher human potential from the heart, mind/brain, and body because we can, and more. The IHP podcast episodes are only ideal for the infinite higher human consciousness and beyond expansion of consciousness person/lightworker who has a mind that embraces and applies in a day-to-day way mahasamadhi; the person who is in oneness consciousness (aka christ consciousness and/or avatar consciousness); the person who is pursuing enlightenment the human and spiritual way and beyond (infinite consciousness mindset, lifestyle, and journey); the person who is in a state of bliss with life and humanity's evolutionary and expanding consciousness journey and process; the person who in the enlightenment soul age group, the person who thinks and goes beyond all written text or accumulated data points; the person who knows evil doesn't exist, who knows the myth of "battling the forces of evil" has been busted and that we are "battling the forces of trauma" and NOT by actually "battling", but instead, by actually being and sharing love, compassion, understanding; the person who has somatic empathy and supports healing of trauma through the infinite capacity to love all, who chooses to bring forth unconditional love, compassion and space for all humanity, life, and the world; the person who is a life-sensitive person, NOT an ego-sensitive person; a person who does NOT battle or fight humanity, but who loves supporting however they can and uses equanimity, curiosity and creativity to handle situations. This is an IHP podcast episode for the people who navigate the infinite higher human consciousness potential realm 24/7 because they use their mind, heart, and body this way, in their creator space, and they live out the essence of love and life they are, having only expanding consciousness creation and co-creation in the forefront of everyday, and more. This episode is for you! Love, Maria