Power Trip Gaming

Welcome to the "Power Trip Gaming: POWERCAST," where your hosts, Paul and Andy, talk about games, retro collecting, their lives, and everything in between!

The boys painstakingly collected all 678 officially licensed Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games that were released in North America, and have since been on a quest to beat all of them! Along the way, they have taken some side roads, playing games on other systems such as Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, PS1, PS2, etc. Now, they will be bringing their experiences to you, as well as other various topics, through this podcast! We definitely hope you will join us! Power Trip Gaming: POWERCAST, now you're listening with POWER!

Subscribe to us on YouTube, at "," it takes you directly to our channel where you can watch all of our amazing triumphs, as well as our failures and meltdowns! We also go on game hunts around our area, as well as showing videos of us at conventions and other various shenanigans!

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