Breaking Down: Collapse

Kory & Kellan

Apprehensive about the future? Like many, you likely have a gut feeling that things aren't quite right, but haven’t been able to place your finger on why. That feeling only grows with the increasing political tensions, economic uncertainty, natural disasters, and supply chain disruptions. What do all these challenges mean? And what will be the result of society’s current trajectory? “Breaking Down: Collapse” takes the complex concepts surrounding the ultimate collapse of modern industrial society and simplifies them so they’re easier to learn. The compelling evidence for our inevitable decline is introduced by collapse-aware Kory to his good friend, Kellan, who probably doesn’t realize what he signed up for! Skeptical? Gear up for a paradigm shift!

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Episode 1: Introducing Collapse
Episode 1: Introducing CollapseEpisode 2: Complex SocietyEpisode 3: The Energy CrisisEpisode 4: Overshoot & Limits to GrowthEpisode 5: Catabolic CollapseEpisode 6: The Financial SystemEpisode 7: Political TurmoilEpisode 8: Climate ChangeEpisode 9: Questions from a SkepticEpisode 10: Feedback Loops and BOEEpisode 11: Trading Independence for ConvenienceEpisode 12: Preparation (Part 1): "Resilience"Episode 13: Preparation (Part 2) - Practical StepsEpisode 14: The Problems with Modern AgricultureEpisode 15: CopingEpisode 16: Echo ChambersEpisode 17: Life During Climate ChangeEpisode 18: Wealth DisparityEpisode 19: Moral DecayEpisode 20: Post-Collapse Possibilites