A Conversation about Poop: Constipation in Kids

Young & Healthy

Sep 2 2022 • 37 mins

Let’s talk about poop, specifically, constipation. Constipation is the inability to have a bowel motion or fully empty the bowels each day. It is a common GI problem, and so many parents know the struggle of managing constipation.

On this episode of Young & Healthy, Dr. Temara Hajjat, a pediatric GI specialist, joins us to advise parents on how to handle constipation with kids of all ages. We discuss the causes of constipation, signs to look for, treatments and how to use them correctly and when kids should see a pediatrician or GI specialist. Dr. Hajjat also shares common misconceptions about constipation, and reassures us all that it’s important to talk about poop!