How to properly be dominant and assertive with a woman in the bedroom


Jan 30 2022 • 1 hr 25 mins


0:00 Introductions

3:29 How exactly does a man learn to be dominant

8:06 What does healthy dominance mean?

14:30 When a woman is ready for sex before you are and understanding gender roles

16:15 What is sexual foreplay?

22:05 Women often can't express what they want

24:03 How do you handle bad results and fears

25:37 Welcome to Deep Listening™

29:04 What do women want in bed?

30:15 The shadow side of aggressiveness is not sexually attractive

32:45 What are some better approaches

35:36 It's not about acting

36:32 What is your working definition of being dominant?

38:15 More on what healthy dominance is not

42:00 Men have a different idea of what dominance is, and it's not good

46:40 Anything can be done with the right tone, intensity and speed

47:40 Women with sass

50:16 Don't treat her like a dog

52:06 Why men have such a hard time doing it right

54:18 Women already deeply struggle with decisiveness

55:32 Most women don't often know what they want or how to help you

57:46 More steps to begin being more dominant

58:38 How to demand a woman's presence

1:00:03 Please stop saying I don't know 1:01:58 How to ask the right questions

1:03:45 The myth that the fantasy just happens... naturally

1:06:16 How men ask for sex

1:12:50 To be dominant you must know this

1:13:38 More on what being dominant does NOT mean

1:14:46 What would REALLY put you in the mood for sex? Is it help with chores?

1:17:55 Thoughts on initiations

1:20:10 Final master tips

1:24:52 Outro

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