What to do and what it means when a woman says she needs space


Mar 15 2021 • 1 hr 30 mins

One of the most difficult things someone can hear, is that their partner needs space. Nothing is clear, the terms are undefined, and once uttered it usually ends up in disaster. Tune in now to find out what to do.


0:00 Introduction

5:25 Malignant phrases

6:20 How to handle short term space

8:38 When she takes days, weeks and months of space

13:15 What you're supposed to know when she says she needs space

16:08 If you're going to try to make it work, here's what you should do. 15 minutes.

34:42 Do the feelings of the other partner matter?

39:54 How to correctly ask for space

42:21 Asking for space in a healthy and conscious way

44:55 What NOT to do when you needs space

47:36 Should you go out, party, drink and do drugs?

52:45 You actually could have just ended the relationship

53:32 When a guys never texts you back or calls you back...

56:15 How much space do you actually need?

56:54 Why women get upset when a man asks natural questions

59:15 If you're going through this now, it gets worse...

1:03:25 The pitfalls of actually taking space

1:06:42 What if your partner doesn't need or want space but you do?

1:08:43 What if the man needs space?

1:10:54 Summing it all up

1:15:15 How anger and resentment plays in to taking space

1:25:50 Does Tari actually see the value in taking space?

Thank you for listening! We hope you enjoyed this immensely.

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