Sexual Tension. What it is, how to play with it and why you must build it with your partner


Oct 31 2023 • 58 mins


0:00 Intro

1:39 Men and women show sexual interest differently

3:41 Puppy dog love

8:34 Men and women initiate differently

12:33 What does it look like when a woman makes herself sexually available to you

14:23 Finding the right "time" to initiate

15:58 How to be sexual with your consensual partner

18:37 Why men have a hard time with timing

21:14 Don't ask her to do it, show her

22:16 What it means to bring your masculine energy to the relationship

24:25 Distinguishing consent from asking for sex

28:14 Why can't women initiate?

29:18 Why you must initiate with her

30:14 When women actually do want to initiate

31:44 When is the right time to initiate sex with your partner

35:34 She wants you to take her

39:24 Getting all those bad boy qualities into... you

43:17 How to create a nice sexual buildup

46:20 Be careful of being mechanical and planning it all out

47:38 You must become a sexual being or a sexual person to satisfy her

49:22 All about sexual tension

57:55 Outro