What Did We Learn About Priests From Catholic University?

Question of Faith

Jan 2 2024 • 28 mins


0:00:  We review FD's NPR voice.

1:25:   Mike talks about his experience of doing Sports on NPR.

2:22:   We talk about 2024 and our looking forward to this for many years.

3:00:  We talk about Generations among ourselves.

3:30: The Catholic Project at Catholic U is the subject today .

4:20: Priests and the Orthodoxy range in the study.

5:00:  Fr Eric talks about how he sees this play out in inquirers at the seminary.

6:00:   FD talks about how St. JPII and Pope Benedict were priests of the 2nd Vatican Council and were looked on as more progressive at one point.

7:19:  Liturgical or Theological or Eccesiological?  Or all these things?

8:00:  Is this the Spirit of reform of Vatican II and a resulting backlash?

9:00:  We have a diocesan seminary and Fr. Garris talks about how Priests relate to each other among generations.

9:40:  FD notes that it's important to have priest-friends who don't think like you do.

11:00. The Church has everyone in it.

11:24:   Mike talks about how Fr. Casey Cole, OFM --speaks about wearing the habit and his experience of working as a Campus Minister in the Gross Anatomy Lab.

13:20:  Fr. Eric talks about how he tries not to divide priests into categories.

14:20:  The 2nd Vatican Council had to shake itself out and some clarifications needed to be made with the New Catechism.

15:10:  Young People want things that last in faith traditions.

15:50:   How is this being reflected in Pope Francis' papacy?

17:00:   Mike's experience with a priest who was a Catholic radio Broadcaster.

18:14:  Some more takes on the new study that gives a small snapshot.

19:00:   Fr Eric's experience of a funeral that brought a bunch of people together.

19:44:   Church Search does to St. James in Lakewood.

23:28:   Readings for Epiphany

24:00:  A musical interlude.

24:40:  The FOUR Kings?

25:12:  A stained glass window of the Magi is explored by FD.

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