Episode 100 A Retrospective on 100 pods

Question of Faith

Nov 28 2023 • 20 mins

It's Podcast #100

FD and Mike look back on a number of Episodes from the past 100 (or so) shows.

What have been our favorite episodes?

(1:50)   On Death and Dying with Tom Pussell from St. Rafael Parish.

(3:30)   The hysterical Halloween episode with Maria Wancata.

(5:20)   We became Swifties with Emily Ahlin and talked about religious experiences and the church's authenticty.

(7:00)   People recognize our voices now!  Even in Confession!

(14:10)   Liturgy  questions are popular with Bishop Woost especially.

(15:50)   We don't do clickbait generally speaking.

(16:20)   And how has this show been important for FD and Mike and different from other things they've both done in the past?

(17:20)   Church Search is Our Lady of Guadalupe in Macedonia.

(18:20)   Readings for the First Sunday of Advent.