When Can I Tell Someone That My Friend Is Dying?

Question of Faith

Nov 14 2023 • 25 mins

Tom Pussel, Director of Outreach and Evangelization at St. Raphael Parish in Bay Village, OH joins us.

(0:30)  Tom has a lot of experience with accompanying the dying and their loved ones.

(0:40)  Tom is also a convert to Catholicism.

(2:00)  We refer to this news story about Boston Red Sox Pitcher Tim Wakefield and Curt Schilling.

(3:30)  Tom gives us his experience in how people choose to share sensitive health information.

(5:15)  Is this a time of sickness or a time of dying?

(6:25)  FD talks about his parents' experience of dying and that hospice ministry has a role for family.

(7:05)  The dying person also becomes a teacher.

(7:40):  Mike took a class called Death and Dying.

(9:15)  The History of Hospice and FD's Mom's experience of hospice.

(11:15)  This is the month of praying for the dead.

(12:00)  The paschal mystery was part of Tom's journey to Catholicism.

(14:15)   Don't wait too late for Hospice.

(14:50)   Funeral planners for Clergy.

(15:50)  Always have death before your eyes.

(16:50)  Mike's story of the woman on the train to Auschwitz.

(18:20)  William Shatner's "You're gonna die" song.

(19:00)  Tom's four step bedside hospice process.

(20:30)   FD's experience of being at his mom's bedside at death.

(21:50)   Tom's work at St Raphael which is our church search this week.

(23:40) Readings for this coming 33rd Sunday in OT.

(25:00)   100th show coming your way soon.