A Meditation for Dealing With the Fear of Putting Yourself Out There (aka Fear of Rejection)

Creative Meditations

Feb 20 2021 • 10 mins

If you are thinking about putting yourself out in the world in some way, but you’re feeling stuck, unsure where to start, held back by feelings of low self-worth, or you're afraid of being rejected, this meditation is for you. It can be helpful if you have a specific situation or a goal in mind that you’d like to work toward.

Fear is completely normal. When you are committed to your making your dreams a reality, you will learn to see your fear as a clue for what you should do next. Your mistakes will turn into your biggest lessons and moments of growth. Rejection will become a celebrated marker for effort.

When you embrace the pushing of limits and see this as an adventure, you’ll realize there were no limits at all.

Written and narrated by Jayme Allen.

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