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Christina ๐ŸŽถ

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Are you NOT doing this yet?
May 24 2023
Are you NOT doing this yet?
If you're an independent artist seeking new opportunities to promote your music and increase your marketability, this episode is a must-listen. We'll challenge the traditional social media approach and reveal the harsh reality of the highly competitive music industry. With over 20,000 new music uploads on Spotify alone every day, it's time for a fresh perspective. Join us as we introduce Music-Performance Sports, a revolutionary solution that combines the worlds of music and sports to elevate your career. Think of it as a sports league specifically designed for musicians. We're not just promoting you as independent artists, but as Music-Sports Athletes, capturing the essence of passion, performance, and competition. In this episode, we'll dive into how Music-Performance Sports can transform your music promotion game. Our online platform attracts thousands of listeners and voters for each game, driving organic streams and potential playlist placements on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. We'll show you how our league creates a unique experience for both artists and fans, fostering dedicated followers who are emotionally and financially invested in your journey. If you're tired of struggling to stand out in a crowded market and are ready to embrace a new approach to music promotion, Music-Performance Sports is your gateway to success. Join the league, revolutionize your music promotion, and unleash your true potential. Tune in now and discover the game-changing opportunities that await you in the world of Music-Performance Sports. Don't miss out on this chance to take your music career to new heights. Let's reshape the future of music promotion together.
Intros and back to business.... wild rides.
Oct 3 2022
Intros and back to business.... wild rides.
We are back! Failures part of a huge process and we are so glad to have made it through our individual struggles. Glad so glad to be back to the business and to continue working as a team. We have been so busy scrambling around all the hard work, long hours and late nights. There have been tragic moments around the world, impact is far and many. So we felt like it was time to cut the crap and get back to work. We are here to tell you about the safest place to bring all your noise. There is no struggle unwelcome, we will get an ear to listen. We have so much catching up to do! Developing a new platform for the entertainment industries, school assignments to finish, children to raise and a whole lot of problems to solve. We have been putting together some of the world's leading puzzles in all the industries I mentioned to create something so irresistible its not even funny. It's kinda like pancakes drizzled in syrup or fruit, or blueberry muffin cheese cake or red velvet cake. Can you tell we like cake? Well we can tell that there are many needs for problem solvers, so many problems everyone deserves a start on one or two and if you're not part of the solution you are fueling the problem. You're part of it. So we like to be problem solvers and we love knowing we have that much in store. We love knowing we can do it. But no one here ever said it was going to be easy. We get that. Everyone's shaking their head at the problems and forgetting they can be solved. So we got our team together and decided. Enough was enough. So welcome back team, welcome back we missed you! Our listeners we missed you so so much. We are so happy to be getting back to these hard to have conversations. It's going to be WILD.