The Viberarian Show: Dream a Little Dream

The Viberary Collective Network

Jun 16 2017 • 1 hr 9 mins

Knowledge is Power! Join The Viberarian on a quest to examine and unravel the wonders and mysteries of our unseen world. Tune in each week for a new chapter in our journey as we explore the unknown.  On this episode, we will discuss the nature of dreams, and their importance. We will examine the common symbols and their meanings, and also talk about the types of dreams that people have. Listeners are invited to call in to have their dreams interpreted during the show! Tonight's Panel: Kelly Lynn Prime, Fitness for the Soul Kelly is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, psychic, Yogi whose specialty is energy work and linking what is going on in the physical body to the energy body (Chakras) and thus the emotions. She is attuned with spirit animals, crystal energies and all things related to nature. Kelly also loves hearing about dreams and actively involving you in the interpretation. She is a trained lifestyle transformation coach who believes in self empowerment and loves to assist people in deciphering their personal patterns and coding to promote healing.