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Ep 12: Busting the myth of executive presence
May 9 2023
Ep 12: Busting the myth of executive presence
Welcome to the latest episode of Powrup - a podcast by Powrsuit. Today, Nat and Kristen will dive into the fascinating yet sometimes murky world of executive presence. Did you know that studies have shown that women often receive vague and unhelpful feedback on their executive presence, while men are given specific tips on how to improve? It's time to level the playing field with your feedback. Being authentic is key to cultivating a powerful leadership presence. It's about showing up as your best self, well-prepped, and with conviction. We also debate tailoring your visual cues to the setting.  Of course, no episode of Powrup would be complete without a bit of banter, giving you a sneak peek into our own journeys as entrepreneurs. So sit back, relax, and tune in for some insights. And if you like what you hear, be sure to share the love by giving us a shiny 5-star rating. Thanks for listening! We cover:  Why most feedback about executive presence and 'gravitas' is unhelpful Executive presence connotations are mainly based on masculine traits How to master leadership presence and why it’s important How to be authentic, have conviction, and consider your personal brand Resources: How to give feedback How to receive feedback  How to be taken seriously in meetings How to respond to microaggressions at work 'Til next week, Powrsuitors! Got a topic you want us to discuss? Email us at hello@powrsuit.com Join Powrsuit on LinkedIn and Instagram!