The Midnight Symphony

Joaquin Barrientos

When Ali learns that her sister’s recent disappearance is related to a melody that has haunted them since childhood, she embarks on a cross-country journey to find answers. Her investigation quickly becomes an obsession as she searches not only for her sister but also for the source of the mysterious song known as ‘The Midnight Symphony’.

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Season One Trailer
Aug 22 2021
44 seconds
Episode Ten: The Lost Children of HamelinEpisode Nine: The Missing TimeEpisode Eight: The Night Newbridge BurnedEpisode Seven: The Child Left BehindEpisode Six: The Town that DrownedEpisode Five: The Two TownsEpisode Four: The Silent HighwayEpisode Three: The Music TeacherEpisode Two: The Grey JournalEpisode One: The Lost MelodySeason One Trailer