SELF-Witnessing S10e50 1cor12:7

Be With Me: 7 Minutes of Biblical Wonder

Sep 2 2022 • 7 mins

The Holy Spirit indwells. But the Holy Spirit wants to out-dwell. That is, He wants to manifest or SHOW HIMSELF.  He's chosen a particular way for that to happen.

His primary mechanism of 'being seen' is by demonstrating Himself in the Spiritual GIFTS.  The internal and kind of invisible God is going to be made know by the external and visible gifts

So two questions:  WHERE can I see this best? A: in the CHURCH. In a fellowship. He tells us the gifts are FOR THE COMMON GOOD, which is mostly code for THE CHURCH.  If you cannot see God very clearly, GET THEE TO A CHURCH.

Second question: WHO can I see this in? A: Others for sure.  Watching THEM use their gifts shows God clearly.  But also, I can see it in MYSELF.  My use of my being empowered by the HS in gifting can be a WITNESS to MYSELF.  As I use my Spirit-given gift, I manifest Him to the most unlikely of witnesses: me. So if you cannot see God very clearly, GET BUSY IN THE CHURCH.  You may just see the face of God in yourself.

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