1P 270 - Popular Mechanics: Big Games

1 Player Podcast

Sep 10 2022 • 31 mins

This week we have one of our Popular Mechancis episodes; but, this week we cheat!  We don't talk about a game mechanic per se.  Instead, we talk about big games.  What the heck does that mean though?  Julius and I talk about good games we each think are big.  What are your favorite big games?

  • 06:00 Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 (BGG)
  • 09:15 Arkham Horro (2nd Edition) (BGG)
  • 10:40 Anachrony (BGG)
  • 15:25 Ironsworn (RPG Geek)
  • 21:10 Mechs vs. Minions (BGG)
  • 24:20 Mage Knight Board Game (BGG)
  • 24:55 SpaceCorp: 2025-2300AD (BGG)