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Brandon Pierpont

The Painter Marketing Mastermind podcast is a show created to inspire painting company owners to build a thriving painting business that does well over $1 million in annual revenue, providing them with financial freedom and ultimately a legacy they can be proud of. We share proven tips, strategies & processes from leading experts in the painting contractor industry on how they’ve found success in their painting business. We also directly interview owners of the most successful painting companies in the world, and learn from their experiences. You can learn more about how we help painting companies pass the $1 million threshold by visiting the Painter Marketing Pros website at!

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Interview with Jason Phillips of Phillips Home Improvements - "People Make Dream Businesses" Episode 7
Apr 17 2023
Interview with Jason Phillips of Phillips Home Improvements - "People Make Dream Businesses" Episode 7
In this series titled "People Make Dream Businesses", Jason Phillips of Phillips Home Improvements will be discussing how to escape contractor prison and build the painting company of your dreams. It is a 6-part series. In this episode, Jason walks us through the dynamite sales process that his team at Phillips Home Improvements uses to consistently close residential repaint projects at high profit margins. There is a tremendous amount to learn from his company's value-oriented, consultative sales approach that effectively "decommoditizes" Phillips Home Improvements from other painting companies in their service area. If you want to ask Jason questions related to anything in this podcast series, you can do so in our exclusive Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast Forum on Facebook. Just search for "Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast Forum" on Facebook and request to join the group, or type in the URL There you can ask Jason questions directly by tagging him with your question, so you can see how anything discussed here applies to your particular painting company. Jason is a return guest from Season 2 of the Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast. Jason Phillips Live Podcasts: Part 1 we compared each other’s DISC assessments. - 2 is about parenting your children with DISC. - 3 is diving deeper into the D and S styles. -