Brand Identity Crisis

Power up!® Branding

Dec 3 2014 • 54 mins

Welcome to the world of branding according to Kathy Bass. At the top of the hour, you’ll find out how my personal brand identity crisis happened, and what I did to break free to solve this puzzle. brbr You’ll hear from someone who from the outside seemed to have it all, but all the pieces on the inside weren’t in the right place. I’m talking about having tons of knowledge, experience and skills, but not being able to communicate my personal value and voice. A common experience for many people. brbr You will gain enlightenment about how to solve your own brand identity puzzle and rid yourself of unnecessary struggle and worry. brbr You’ll also be able to figure out how to define yourself, gain that sense of belonging and become your own person based on your terms to create a life and brand you love! brbr As always, there will be inspiring examples to show you how it can happen for you, too. brbr This will be your hour to bask in the joy of self-discovery with your own personal branding guide on your side.