17: Trade, Energy and National Security Dilemmas with Congressman August Pfluger

Trade Wins by the World Trade Centers Association

Dec 6 2021 • 31 mins

Highlights in this conversation include:

  • Congressman Pfluger shares his background, detailing his motivation for joining the Air Force, his 20-year military career, what it was like to serve as a combat pilot and several life lessons he has taken from being an Air Force pilot. 1:17
  • The supply of labor has been impacted by the government stimulus and has created a domino effect impacting inflation and the supply chain. 9:45
  • Congressman Pfluger discusses his view on the inefficiency of tariffs and also when they can be used positively. 13:11
  • The United States needs to focus on being a leading voice in trade to ensure post-World War II world order with good business dealings, transparency and low corruption trade. 17:33
  • Providing reliable energy is a key factor in international relationships, impacting the economy and national security. 19:49

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