15: Cities of the Future and Civilization 3.0, with Parag Khanna, FutureMap

Trade Wins by the World Trade Centers Association

Oct 7 2021 • 38 mins

Highlights of this conversation include:

  • Parag discusses how he immerses himself in each culture where he lives and becomes part of each one, enabling him to have a better intercultural understanding in both business and social settings. 2:36
  • Parag shares his vision for the next evolution of urban life, including the recognition of climate oases and sustainability factors that will need to be taken into consideration in order for civilizations to continue long term. 6:18
  • Parag discusses globalization, the sovereignty of countries, and how these factors will impact the future of migration.14:24
  • Parag explains his views on the new city movement as well as the track record of various new city efforts that have been conducted around the world. 25:07
  • Sustainability is a large factor in planning for the future and we already have the technology to be designing and building for the future. 27:59

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