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Interview with Debbie Cooper, Head of Stepping Stones
Apr 22 2024
Interview with Debbie Cooper, Head of Stepping Stones
058 - This is the Berkhamsted Spotlight, the podcast showcasing the remarkable Berkhamsted School community. Each episode, we speak to students, staff and alumni to bring you their insights.In today's episode, we're speaking to Debbie Cooper, Head of Stepping Stones, the Nursery at Berkhamsted, who discusses the importance of play and its role in brain development. She emphasises the value of risky play and the need for children to take managed risks to develop important skills. Debbie also highlights the significance of bedtime stories in promoting literacy and vocabulary development. She shares tips for parents to make the most of this time with their children. Additionally, Debbie explains how the school involves parents in their child's education through activities and events. She concludes by discussing the school's focus on preparing children for their future educational journey.TakeawaysPlay is essential for brain development and learning in early childhood.Risky play helps children develop important skills and learn to manage risks.Bedtime stories promote literacy, vocabulary development, and emotional bonding.Involving parents in their child's education enhances the learning experience and strengthens the parent-child relationship.Come with us as we get into this episode right now and find out why Berkhamsted Pre-Prep was awarded Independent Pre-Prep School of the Year in 2023.Berkhamsted onlineWebsite: www.berkhamsted.comFacebook: BerkhamstedSchoolTwitter: @berkhamstedschInstagram: berkhamstedschools and berkopreprep