Tamara Martin, Author

Speaking of Writing

Mar 30 2023 • 25 mins

Bluebird, the first children’s book written by St. Johns, Arizona resident, and Blackhat Humane Society founder Tamara Martin, exemplifies the axiom, “Write about what you love.” The title character is an indigenous Native American dog, known colloquially as a Rez Dog. The book illustrations by Navajo artist Ernest John are perfect for this collaboration.

The storyline includes a prayer to Bluebird’s ancestor Grandfather Coyote, asking why there are so many hungry dogs that stand starving by busy highways instead of guarding their family’s sheep and houses. “We stayed awake at night, watching, so the humans could sleep peacefully. We were valued.” Now, Bluebird is sad and feels useless, waiting for a kind family that will see her and her puppies and takes them to safety.

Martin is the founder of a foster-based organization, Good Dog Rez-Q, which has no physical facility but recruits volunteers who care for animals in their own homes until a suitable adopter can be found. This is clearly a labor of love. I know you will enjoy learning more about this!