Episode 278: Former Elevation Worship leader discusses when your dream dies

Simple Faith with Rusty George

Oct 4 2023 • 40 mins

Ever dreamt a dream only to be told, "that dream isn't for you"? My guest today, Wade Joye, knows this feeling all too well. Co-founder of Elevation Worship and author of the book 'This Dream Is Not For You', Wade shares his journey of dreams shattered, only to discover new hopes in God. His book, birthed from the pain of dreams deferred, offers an enlightening perspective on how setbacks can pivot our hearts towards God. Drawing from David's story, Wade unfolds how we can refocus our dreams as parts of God's grand narrative. We also touch on the practice of pivoting our hearts daily to ensure Christ remains the core of our dreams. Wade's wisdom is not just a testimony to his journey but a guidepost for us all to navigate God leading us to a different season in our lives.

No conversation with Wade is complete without discussing Elevation Worship. Wade sheds light on the influence Pastor Steven Furtick had on his journey and the creative process behind some of the most loved Elevation Worship songs. Join me in this rich dialogue with Wade Joy as we unravel dreams, worship and the art of keeping our hearts tethered to God.

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