Michael Grant - Part 2

Business and Property Development

Mar 16 2022 • 25 mins

We’re back for Season 2!

To kick things off I had the privilege of speaking with property developer Michael Grant.

Michael established Cornerstone in the mid 90s and has been responsible for the creation and delivery of some of Sydney’s most recognised mixed-use and adaptive re-use projects.

Developments like Rockpool, No1 Lacey, Cleveland & Co, Griffiths teas and Casba are just some of the magic additions Michael and his company have created in the Sydney urban landscape.

Cornerstone is known for architectural excellence. This in turn translates not only to significant price records being achieved but also for making material differences to the way people live, work and play in and around their buildings.

As you’ll come to see this is in no small part to Michael’s absolutely steadfast and dogged commitment to design and construction quality and excellence.

Michael’s story is an amazing mix of personal drive, business acumen, hard work and made luck.

Happy Listening!


Guest - Michael Grant, Founder - Cornerstone


Host - Harry Karadimas - Pecunia Projects