Viktor Vecsei of IVPN: The Importance of Trust, Transparency & Audibility

Monero Talk

Aug 9 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman interviews Viktor Vecsei of IVPN - a privacy focused VPN service that can be purchased with nothing more than an email address and a monero payment. And we can say with pride one of the sponsors of this show! Viktor discusses the story of how the work of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ideas of Grateful Dead's John Perry Barlow inspired him to change the course of his career in marketing, the role of trust in choosing a VPN provider, addresses the common arguments against the use of commercial VPNs and highlights the importance of auditability. The two also discuss their thoughts on the slippery-slope of tyranny, governments utilizing spyware against civilians, internet service providers' data collection practices, the case for anonymous transactions and more! If you enjoyed the show & would like to support us, a donation of any size would be greatly appreciated and would mean so much! XMR Donations Accepted and supporting us is easier than ever, by typing in our: Free Speech Money Yat emojis: 🗽🎤💵 into your or cake wallet wallet send address field - to send us a tip ;) 🔗Links: Twitter: IVPN: 🚨SPONSORS: wallet by Cake Wallet 🍰, the first open-source Monero wallet for iOS. If you have an iphone or Android 📲, Monero Talk recommends that you use by Cake Wallet ;) It has been verified by the Monero community, you control your own keys, it connects directly to the Monero blockchain, and you can even exchange between XMR, BTC, LTC & more in the app! by Cake Wallet - ONLY Monero wallet IVPN, resist online Surveillance. IVPN is an open source app and website that doesn’t log your activity, store any of your personal data and no email required to create an account! Go to today and pay for your subscription with Monero! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! The more subscribers, the more we can help Monero grow! 🚀 Listen & Reach out to us: 🎧PODCAST: ITUNES: SPOTIFY: STITCHER: WEBSITE: 📧CONTACT: ODYSEE: XMRTOPIA22 CONFER VIDEOS: Get 🤓😎Social with us: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: HOST: INSTAGRAM: TELEGRAM: MATRIX: