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Faith is intended to give us the wisdom and power to walk through life's hardest times, not just to get rid of those times. Hard times are the canvas upon which God paints a life purpose of victory.God's purpose for life's trials can bring us into our finest hour. But we need to learn to let Him make us before He will send us. The trial is never about the trial. By faith we learn to find something worth dying for, and then we will have found something worth living for.

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The Greatest Faith
Jun 18 2021
14 mins
The Greatest FaithA Crime Worse Than MurderAmerica Is In The WoodsJune 11, 2021 I Bet You Didn't Know ThisJune 9, 2021 The Universe Is YoursJune 7, 2021 True Tough LoveJune 4, 2021 Sounding The AlarmJune 2, 2021 The Worst ThingsMay 31, 2021 A Life Well SpentMay 28, 2021 I Believe In SpankingMay 26, 2021 I'm Dying To LiveMay 24, 2021 Nothing Can Rob ThisMay 21, 2021 How Do You Get ThereMay 19, 2021 I Pulled Back The CurtainMay 17, 2021 Chase The Devil OutMay 14, 2021 Is This Fear HealthyMay 12, 2021 Encountering Heaven And HellMay 10, 2021 The Joy of My CrossMay 7, 2021 From Sorrow To JoyMay 5, 2021 Back From Hell