Lara Heimann on Yoga and the Importance of Proper Movement

Beyond the To-Do List

Mar 7 2022 • 47 mins

This week I was excited to speak with fellow podcast host and yoga pioneer Lara Heimann. Laura and I had a fascinating discussion centered on the importance of consistent and effective movement in our everyday lives. If you’re anything like me maybe you have considered yoga as a means for improving your mobility and energy but just never got around to exploring the basics. In this conversation Laura answers all of my questions about how to get started, the array of physical and emotional benefits yoga offers, and how her physical therapy-based practice of "LYT" yoga differs from other more trendy or fashionable techniques. Lara Heimann is the host of the Redefining Yoga Podcast and has an advanced degree in physical therapy and is revolutionizing yoga based on three principles — physiology, kinesiology, and neurology. This episode is brought to you by: Thesis Lexus Loansteady