EP 92 - Atheism, Awakenings & Altruism

Minds Like Mine's Podcast

Nov 9 2022 • 52 mins

Musician and author Wenzl McGowen joins the podcast to talk about his incredible awakening, growing up an atheist and the collective consciousness of the world. From touring and drugs to spirituality and fasting, listen in to a deep conversation about life!

Wenzl McGowen is a member and co-founder of the internationally touring band Moon Hooch and the inventor of the Traffic Cone Saxophone. In 2013, Wenzl had a spiritual awakening during a meditation retreat and has since written two books about mystical experiences, meditation, and the science of personal growth. Both books draw from ancient teachings, direct experience, and modern science. He aims to free spirituality from dogmas and provide a framework to integrate awakening experiences without religion and superstition. At the same time, his work is inspired by sincere devotion to a dimension of reality that has given rise to concepts such as God or Great Spirit. He doesn’t subscribe to the idea that words can capture the essence of consciousness, yet he taps into that realm to become a better person and bring more joy, creativity, love, and insight into his life. Another avenue of his passion for personal growth is his meditation music and his board games.

Wenzl website -- https://wenzlmcgowen.org/

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