EP 93 - Channelling, Soul Contracts & Annunaki

Minds Like Mine's Podcast

Nov 16 2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

Author, light empowerment coach and channeller Birgitta Visser joins the podcast to talk soul contracts, the Annunaki, ascended masters, archangels and more! From early childhood trauma to triumph, Birgitta's story is unique and inspiring.

Birgitta Visser delivers messages from the many Light BEings to the aid of humanity. She is a courier for those who wish to convey their messages across.

She is a Dutch mutt, living the good life with her ninja black sidekick dog that she rescued from the streets in Florida. She’s been a model, bartender, promo girl, dog walker, healer, web designer, created her own organic soap line, designed jewelry, taught many holistic workshops, and maneuvered herself to holding a demanding job in the corporate industry.  In other words, she’s an excellent all-around chameleon.

She’s traveled the world rather extensively, as being a wanderer is in her blood. She’s gotten herself into many difficult situations, yet has managed to vanquish her demons. Her often turbulent journey has been a learning curve. She is who she is, and has learned to embrace all quirky aspects of herself, often stumbling through the darkness of her trauma yet never giving up.

Birgitta is a pro at surfing the cosmic dimensional waves across the Multiverse, delivering the many messages she receives from the collective of Light BEings, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Galactics in the hope that people will awaken to what life is all about. She has a profound knowledge of ancient wisdom that has over the years bubbled from deep within and has emerged as an inspirational channel having been submerged in her own traumatic experiences and having chosen to overcome these.

She is simply here to offer her words as food for thought in unlocking your own potential and be-com-ing authentically you, while journeying back to the unfolding of the beautiful lotus of the light of who you are.

You can learn more about Birgitta and purchase her new book "Be-com-ing Authentically Me" here -- https://www.powersoulhealing.com/

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